Francesca Scelfo

Francesca Scelfo portrait

Francesca Scelfo

Photojournalist and Psychologist

Born in Italy in 1996.

Fotoreporter mainly focusing on social issues, inequalities and suffering’s conditions in terms of social and psychological distress and discomfort about individuals and groups. Psychologist, engaged in changing periods, aging issues as well as in social planning and best practices to promote well-being and to prevent risks.

According to my idea, the social rule of photographers today is to re-narrate realities that suffer from the same old narratives which generate a cycle of exclusion and marginalization. I gained a photographic awareness, understanding that photography is a foreign language until it is known in depth.

The attempt is trying to contribute to voiceless situations and for a social change, creating new meanings that can support values like equality and justice, basically deep knowledge and humanity as well as educate people to understand photographic and photojournalistic language.

I have been focusing on the housing emergency and squatters building, which I consider as a long-term project. I’m also leading two medium-term projects: one related to Alzheimer and false perception of one’s image, the other to mental health, especially schizophrenia and a new project in Kenya about the inner world of HIV-positive children and their struggles and dreams in collaboration with the ONG Aina Onlus.